i – Touch Lectern

Integrated with touch control panel, visual-presenter, computer, microphone, amplifier and speakers, the digital podium is complete with electric fittings and external ports so that it can be connected to external hardware as well. Our smart podium serves the purpose of classroom teaching, presentations, seminars and meetings. Now, you can deliver presentations facing audience instead of turning multiple times to board.

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Interactive Teaching Tool

“Virtual Interface to connect with students” is the idea behind digital lectern by means of larger display through projector and visualizer. Prepare, deliver and share digital content by connecting the smart podium to interact efficiently with students at a common platform or remote. Fusion of verbal and visual teaching methods is the true interaction that leaves indelible impressions on students' mind frames.

Flexible & Versatile

Referring the book is no more verbal as it can be projected on the screen using multifaceted visual presenter. Share digital content by opening relevant URLs to enhance the learning objective. Blending with the workspace irrespective of size, from small classrooms to large auditoriums, it delivers the message accurately. Being flexible, iTouch Lectern proves to be versatile - performing multiple tasks in one go.

Smoothly Write

Say Goodbye to chalks and pens because your finger can do wonders. Write fluently with your hand on the touch screen while maintaining the prime eye contact with the students. Roll your finger on interactive screen to control multiple applications while sharing the significant images and videos with the students rendering them a real time learning experience.


Interest and excitement live till the sound echoes in the ear and classroom is no exception to it. Our digital podium is equipped with powerful amplifiers & speakers to empower classroom with new enthusiasm for student to absorb and learn with unique energy, positive attitude and alertness.

Perpetual Learning

Promising strong power back-up to uphold your classroom sessions to the best; our digital podium - iTouch Lectern meets the ideal definition of smart teaching device. No more power failures to bother your teaching style promising meticulous class experience.

Static & Dynamic

Stand static to deliver the dynamic learning classes. No more jumping from the point of computer to the point of projector then to visualizer and other paraphernalia. Stand on “all in one” digital lectern to enhance learning process.


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